Agricultural Service Board (ASB)

The function of the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is to initiate and direct programs, which are of service to the Agriculture Public and for the general good of the ratepayers and agriculture sustainability. 

The ASB shall endeavor to promote efficient and effective methods of production and foster the conservation of resources within the Municipal District of Willow Creek.   Including; but not limited to, providing environmental extension programs/workshops and consultation with producers to help initiate improved environmental stewardship and best management practices. 

The ASB is responsible for over 2300 km of roadside weed control within the MD.  As well as 4 municipal campground/parks and gravel pits.   The Board is also responsible for inspection under the Weed Control Act, The Agricultural Pests Act and the Soil Conservation Act on private land, municipal roads, public land including watercourses, Provincial and Federal numbered highways and CPR track, abandoned right of ways and yards. 

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ASB Notices:

*ASB Equipment Rental Rates have increased on several items as of March 2018. 

A damage deposit, cheque, will also be required at the time of rental. 

For detailed information go to, "ASB Programs & Services",

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