Environmental Conservation Initiatives

The Municipal District of Willow Creek is dedicated to sustainable agricultural and environmental practices within the municipal boundaries.

Sustainable practices ensure resources are available in the future and that agriculture can continue to remain viable. Healthy range and riparian areas provide habitat for wildlife, cleaner, healthier water systems, and better long term success as an agricultural producer.

The Municipal District of Willow Creek can assist landowners in securing funds for projects that involve sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.

Some of the projects in the past that were done: 

  • Setting up watering systems to provide clean water to cattle and keep them out of the water source

  • Spring enhancements

  • Bioengineering for streambank stabilization

  • Nutrient management testing to optimize manure as a resource

Funding is often secured through these sources:​

  • Growing Forward Program - Manure Management

  • Growing Forward Program - Integrated Crop Management

  • Growing Forward Program - Grazing and Winter Feeding Management

  • Growing Forward Program - Water Management

  • Land Stewardship Center of Canada - Watershed Stewardship Grant

  • Trout Unlimited Canada - Cold Water Conservation Fund

Here are some links to some helpful resources:


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