Electronic Payments

Each bank is a little different in their methods of Online Banking. If you are interested in Online banking, call your Financial Institution to help you set this up.




Once you are set up for Online Banking, you can go to Bill Payments.




Under the Bill Payments select the Payee (this will be different for each bank).

Some examples are as follows:

  • ATB Financial - MD of Willow Creek No 26

  • Bank of Montreal (BMO) - Willow Creek No 26, The Municipal District of - Tax

  • CIBC - Willow Creek MD No 26 Tax

  • Central 1 Credit Union - Willow Creek No26

  • Royal Bank - Willow Creek No.26 (M.D.)-Tax-AB

  • Scotia Bank - District of Willow Creek No 26 Tax

  • TD Canada Trust - Willow Creek #26 (Mun Dist of )Taxes


If you only have one parcel of land, please use your roll number without the decimal point.
(e.g. If your Roll Number is 0001.000, please enter as 0001000)

If you have more than one roll number per tax notice, please set up a payee for each roll number that is listed on your tax notice(s) separately as shown above.




Enter the 8 digit customer number that is found under the roll number on your tax notice. You may have to drop the leading zero as most banks only allow a 7 digit number.
(e.g. If your Customer Number is 01234567, please enter as 1234567)

If you have more than one customer number, please set up a payee for each customer number that is listed on your tax notice(s) separately as shown above.




Make the payment.
After you've made your payment a separate window should come up. Print this screen. On it will be a reference number or tracking number that you can use to track your payment if any error is made. This page is like an electronic banking receipt.

If you have any problems please contact the office.


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