Roadside Vegetation Policy

The Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 has seen the need for some firm guidelines regarding the use and care of the roadside vegetation within the municipal boundaries.

-  Tall vegetation causes problems with snow drifting in the winter months and with visibility and wildlife encounters in the summer and fall months.

-  Tall vegetation also causes problems with weed control on the roadside.

- The municipality understands that some producers rely on the forage harvested from roadsides and this policy is not intended to infringe upon that.

- The municipality also understands that there is a concern with liability if the roadside vegetation is not kept at a safe level.

-  Therefore the municipality has adopted the following guidelines for the control of roadside vegetation:

  • For the purpose of this policy, roadside vegetation is considered to be grasses and forbs which grow on the roadside area. This does not include woody species which are over one meter in height.

  • Any individual harvesting roadside vegetation assumes full liability against accident or injury to themselves, their staff, or the general public at any stage of the harvesting procedure.

  • All bales, either whole or broken, must be picked up within a reasonable time.

  • Landowners adjacent to roadsides have first right to ditch vegetation up to July 15, of the current growing year.

  • After the July 15 deadline, the roadside vegetation becomes public domain and may be cut by whoever chooses.

  • The municipality agrees not to mow the roadside vegetation before the July 15 date except with prior consultation with adjacent landowners.

  • The municipality also reserves the right to control the roadside vegetation anytime after the July 15 deadline regardless of any agreements made between private individuals.

  • Woody vegetation on the roadside may be controlled by the municipality if it is deemed necessary.


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