Fire Permits under the Protection Act of Alberta
FP69 (REV. 4/95)

Extract from The Forest and Prairies Protection Act of Alberta 1980.

Section 19
(3) A fire permit is valid only for the period for which it is issued.

  1. A forest officer or fire guardian issuing a fire permit may endorse on the permit any special fire control conditions with which the applicant must comply in addition to the provisions of this Act and the regulations.

Section 20
A fire permit may be suspended or canceled at any time by a forest officer or fire guardian and upon receiving notice of the suspension or cancellation the person concerned shall immediately extinguish any fire set pursuant to his permit.

Section 21
For the purpose of fire control the Minister may, by order:

  1. suspend or cancel within any part or all of Alberta all fire permits, or
  2. prohibit the lighting or require extinguishing of a fire set other than under the authority of a fire permit.

(2) The order made pursuant to subsection (1) shall be immediately published at least twice a day for not less than two consecutive days by such radio and television stations as are considered by the Minister most likely to bring the matter to the attention of the public.

(3)In any area affected by an order made pursuant to subsection (1) every person shall immediately proceed to extinguish every open outdoor fire lit by him or under his authority and every fire located on land occupied or owned by him.

Section 22
No person shall:

  1. light an outdoor fire without first taking sufficient precautions to ensure that the fire can be kept under control at all times,
  2. light an outdoor fire when weather conditions are conducive to a fire readily escaping out of control,
  3. fail to take reasonable steps to control a fire for the purpose of preventing it from spreading onto land other than his own,
  4. deposit, discard or leave any burning matter or substance in a place where it might ignite other matter an result in a fire,
  5. conduct in a forest protection area any activity that involves the use of fire or that might reasonably be expected to cause a fire unless he exercises reasonable care to prevent afire from occurring.

1971 c36 s21; 1976 c20 s5

Extract from The Forest and Prairie Protection Act of Alberta Regulations Part 1

Section 4
Every person who sets a fire under the authority of a permit shall:

  1. keep the permit at the site of the fire,
  2. produce and show the permit to an officer on request,
  3. keep the fire under control,
  4. extinguish the fire before the expiration of the permit or upon cancellation of the permit,
  5. have a responsible person in attendance at the fire at all times, except as may be otherwise authorized by a forest officer.