Any landowner interested in changing the land use designation/zoning of their property is welcome to contact the Development Department to obtain information on the present zoning. The department will provide you with direction as to the most suitable District for the proposed use.

Depending on the proposed use, supplemental information will be required in addition to the completed application form. Please contact the Planning and Development Services Department for a list of supplemental information required with a particular land use amendment application.

One an amendment application has been reviewed and deemed to be completed by administration a bylaw is drafted and presented to Council for first reading. Once the bylaw has obtained the first reading Council sets the date for the Public Hearing. This hearing must be advertised for two consecutive weeks in a local newspaper and adjacent landowners must be notified directly by mail. Various public agencies, such as the Health Authority, Alberta Environment, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Transportation, and so on, also must be invited to comment on the proposal.

After the hearing, if Council wishes, the bylaw would be given second and third readings. After the third reading, it comes into effect and the applicant may proceed to apply for a development permit or subdivision whatever the case may be.

The Amendment Process takes between two to three months to complete; so the sooner you apply the better.