The MD of Willow Creek No. 26 is a rural municipal district, which delivers a variety of services and utilities to businesses, residents and industry.  While the M.D. is often not the direct provider of utilities, we are committed to helping you receive the services you require.

Areas where the M.D. provides water services are:

  • Hamlet of Granum
  • Moon River Estates
  • Claresholm Industrial Airport and the West Pipeline

Wastewater and solid waste services are provided in the Hamlet of Granum and the Claresholm Industrial Area.   Recycling services are also available in the Hamlet of Granum.

If you live or own property in the above-mentioned areas and require water services, please complete the “Utility Billing Information” form and submit to the Utility Department at

New residents are required to complete the “Utility Billing Information” and the “Utility Change Application” forms.  

Existing utility customers, when required, need to update their account using the “Utility Change Application” form.

For full details relating to M.D. provided utilities, please refer to Bylaw 1940 – Utilities Bylaw.

Below are some of the additional utility providers in the MD of Willow Creek:

Natural Gas        

  • ATCO Gas                          403-310-5678           
  • Little Bow Gas Co-Op      403-757-3888                     


  • EPCOR                                403-310-4300           
  • FORTIS                                403-310-9473           
  • EQUS REA                           403-310-3787