The Leavings Water Co-op Ltd. was formed in 2010 to create a water supply for the residents in this dry Southern Alberta area where many haul water or use well, dugout or irrigation water as their supply.

The Municipal District of Willow Creek enlarged the water line that was run from Claresholm to Granum. This line will provide one half to three quarters of a gal/minute which is adequate for residential and domestic use. Tying into this treated town system will provide users with much better water than tying into the Aquifer, which may have a limited life because of potential contamination from drilling activity or groundwater leaching.

The Co-op Board has contacted the Provincial and Federal Governments to request funding. We are waiting for a response from them. A rough estimate of costs has been received from an engineering firm. The Board has solicited memberships at $500 per tie-in to help cover the initial costs. To date, we have 134 memberships. More memberships are available.

The Board is still looking to purchase water rights to make this needed potable water a reality.

Leaving Water Co-op Map

For more information please contact:

Bob Mackin - (403)625-2711
Gail Fjordbotten - (403) 687 3276
Cecilie Fleming - (403) 687 2288
Glenn Jeske - (403) 625 3099
Gerrit Greidanus - (403) 687 3764
David McCance - (403) 625 4586